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Welcome to the website of Rob Barron & My Photo Tutor

This site is desperately in need of updating but before I can do that I need to upgrade the Joomla system that we use to host it. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do that so am searching for someone who is competent at setting up CMS sites who can help me. I am happy to pay if the right person is out there who can help me. Please do get in touch with me by sending me a text SMS to: 07734 30039607734 300396 or an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Thanks  Laughing

I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and currently working towards gaining a distinction from this august body. They demand high standards and I am determined to push my own frontiers to the limit and beyond as i personally believe there is always something new to learn, especially in this wonderful craft we enjoy so much.

If you'd like to know more about the RPS, click on their logo above. I'll let you know how I get on with my pursuit 'Per Ardua Ad Astra!' - that's 'through work to the stars' by the way ;o)

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This site is actually three sites in one: Rob Barron (yup, that's me!) My Photo Tutor, a site for all who want to learn more about digital photography and who want to get to grips with their camera and take shots they can be proud of.

I also include my 'Faith Posters', my site for purchasing unique inspirational posters which cannot be bought anywhere else in the world!


Check out my blog!

The old forum wasn't really achieving very much so I have decided to remove it and have a blog instead. I hope you will take a look and register. It is free and you won't get ads or spam mail, you'll just get emails when I post new articles.

'My Photo Tutor' Blog


There is a gallery of a few of my pictures which I'll change from time to time so you don't get bored looking at the same ones all the time. Hope you enjoy them! There is also a comment box on each page for you to give me some feedback.

Guestbook has gone

I have had to remove the Guestbook as I was getting it filled with unsavoury ads every day despite having a security patch. I hope the comments links on each page will give you plenty of opportunity to pass feedback to me.

Video Tutorials and Help Getting Started

For those wanting help with getting started in digital SLR photography, I have made 10 videos that are hosted on YouTube but available on this site so you can see them more easily. I hope you will find them helpful. Do let me know what you think via the Comments box. Laughing

I am looking forward to making this a portal for finding all sorts of useful photography information so please, if there is something you would like this site to contain, let me know by clicking on the Contacts link in the Main Menu.


My Photo Tutor
  • Need help to get started?
  • Wanting to improve your photography skills?
  • Wondering what some of those numbers mean?
  • Wishing you had someone who could give you honest feedback of your pictures with tips on how to make them better?
  • Love the idea of Photoshop but scared stiff of using it?

Then read on, My Photo Tutor is just what you are looking for!

My Photo Tutor is a simple yet virtually unique concept on the internet whereby anyone who wants to learn more about photography can have direct access to a tutor who will be happy to answer your questions, give feedback and cri tique on some of your photos, help you to correct faults, and lots more.

Joining is simple and cheap, just £4.95 per calendar month. For that price you will have personal contact whenever you like, even every day if you wish. Each of your questions will get a personal reply addressing your specific needs and taking into account your experience, the equipment you are using and so on. You will receive replies usually within 24 hours (except Sundays) and often the same day.


New Zealand Pics



Should photography in open public places be banned?

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